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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital good. It is results of computation SHA hashes on specific hardware. There are only 21billion of bitcoins that can theoretically computed ever. These computation results can be shared between people regardless of their geographical location.

The main value and advantage of Bitcoin is that validity of all computations and shares in Bitcoin system is confirmed by decentralized community of Bitcoin users.

What are we offering?

We are offering you to instantly buy bitcoins with your card just like you buy goods in e-commerce shop. You just need to specify bitcoin address where we should deliver your bitcoins. We'll do it as fast as possible usually delivery requires 20-120 minutes (we delivering it instantly, but some time required for bitcoin community to confirm the fact that we delivered bitcoins to you).

What are we accepting?

We are accepting credit card payments as well as payments via various e-commerce payment systems.

Super easy

Buy as you buy in other internet shops. Bitcoins are digital good, the same as popular In-App purchases on mobile devices and computers, MMORPG subscriptions or digital copies of proprietary licenced software.


We are validating bank cards via micro-hold transactions and using anti-fraud services from the leaders of industry - MaxMind, Inc.


Our system is PCI DSS Level 2 compilant, website connection is secured with SSL certificate with Extended Validation (green address bar), domain is protected by DNSSEC. Be sure, your money and personal information is safe.


We are using and to confirm information about Bitcoins and fulfill the conditions of Contract Offer.